Medical Issues: Musculoskeletal

Individuals with SMA often require a range of specialized medical equipment. This equipment can be used to increase mobility, provide support and strength, or to assist with activities of daily living that individuals with SMA may not be able to do alone because of their limited strength and mobility.

We recognize that this need for equipment can put enormous financial pressure on families. Cure SMA makes sure parents understand all the options and resources available to them, and our equipment pool gives families access to specialized items like car beds, strollers, and bathing systems at no cost. Please visit our equipment pool page to find out which of these items may be available through the pool, and to find out how you can submit an equipment pool request.

The following is a list of equipment that has proven beneficial for many families affected by SMA. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list, and you or your child may not benefit from all of the items described here.

In addition, this list is not a substitute for professional, personalized advisement from a physician or other healthcare provider. Be sure to speak with your healthcare provider—and, in many cases, your insurance company—before making any decisions on medical equipment.